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Quality management

BabelKeys does not compromise on quality.

It is your image which is at stake and we are well aware of this. To guarantee the quality of our translations, we rigorously adhere to the following process :

  1. Evaluation of the complexity and technicality of your text.
  2. Searching our supplier profiles (one translator and one reviewer per language pair) to find the best match for your project.
  3. Scheduling of work in accordance with the deadline requested and the availability of our suppliers.
  4. After receiving the translation, it is then checked and proofread by a reviewer. Feedback from the reviewer allows us to assess the translator who, if (s)he does not meet our strict quality standards, receives a warning. After three warnings, we end our partnership with the translator. This control system enables us to offer you optimal quality translations.
  5. After receiving the corrected text, we perform a final check so as to be able to deliver an impeccable translation, in keeping with your company image.